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Commonsense Organics is a local independent family business.  We sell organic and allergy-aware food, environmentally friendly products and fair trade goods in the Wellington region. We have shops in Wellington city, Kilbirnie, Kapiti, Lower Hutt and Johnsonville. If you live somewhere else in Aotearoa-New Zealand you can shop online with us and we will deliver to your door.

We have the largest selection of organic foods in the Wellington region.

  • We stock environmentally sound products for your health, beauty, house and garden.
  • We have a great range of groceries and our goods are clearly labelled for allergy aware customers.
  • We do not knowingly stock any food that contains genetically engineered ingredients.

We aspire to model a different way of doing business based on a respect for our dependence on the land and its resources;



The Food Matters Aotearoa Conference is supported by the Council as it will  contribute positively to the debates about food production and safety that are essential to the New Zealand economy.


Mayor Wade-Brown welcomes the Food Matters Aotearoa conference to the Capital. Food is a fundamental life issue, a health matter and its production has considerable environmental and welfare implications.

Food can also be a pleasure and cultural connection, a big contributor to the city economy and employment. Wellington also has a thriving urban agriculture movement with many community gardens, orchards, beehives and food share systems.

The Council has a long-term vision (Towards 2040: Smart Capital) to showcase  Wellington as an eco-city that can respond proactively to environmental challenges.


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