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14-15 FEBRUARY 2015



We invite you to join us for our Food Matters Aotearoa Wellington Conference. The International and National  speakers will address; traditional agro-ecology, modern farming methods, the use of pesticides and genetically engineered (GE) plants and the effects of these methods on the nutritional value and the safety of the food produced. Our workshops will allow you to discuss the issues and offer solutions.

Whether you are a consumer, farmer, scientist or government delegate, you have the opportunity both to contribute and to expand your understanding on the most important issues of today.

Safe food production is a core value for all New Zealanders and has been demonstrated over the past year, underpins our economy and health. The
conference is non-partisan and cross-cultural, the workshops and panels aim to identify problems and solutions resulting in strategies for nutritious food production.

Please click on each event to find out more on the talks in your city.  
Please go to the link at the bottom of each City page to register.


The talks will discuss:

  • Sustainable agroecology
  • Industrial modern agriculture.
  • The future of food production.





9/10 - Christchurch Talk
Prof. Seralini,
Prof. Huber



Irrigator in Modern Farming





14/15 - Wellington Conference - Te Papa Tongarewa.

International Speakers

Professor Seralini, Professor Huber, Dr. Shiva,

Chef Douzelet

National Speakers

  Professor Jack Heinemann, Moana Jackson, Dr. Jessica Hutchings, Dr. Meriel Watts, Bob Mackley, Simon Terry, Stephanie Howard, Wendy McGuiness, Mark Christensen, Phyllis Tichinin.


DSCN1200 2

     Parliament Buildings, Wellington






16/17 - Hawkes Bay Talk

Prof. Seralini, Prof. Huber, Dr. Shiva, Prof. Gu Xiulin, Chef Douzelet



              "The Family Farm" Hawkes Bay. 











19 - Auckland Talk

Prof. Seralini, Dr. Shiva, Chef Douzelet






Tom Wichman "Mangere Community Gardens"














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