Professor Gu, Xiulin

ProfessorGuProfessor Gu, Xiulin, is a Professor, of Finance and Economics at the Yunnan University; Associate Professor, College of Humanities and Social Science, Beijing University of Technology, China. Xiulin graduated from the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS), Beijing, PR China with an MA in Agricultural Economics; her Ph.D. in Agricultural & Resource Economics, University of Hawaii, USA. 

Profesor Gu researches and lectures on  agricultural economics and globalisation. She promotes China’s diverse traditional farming systems and the social and economic impacts of globalisation on food security that are shaping China's decisions for their farmers and consumers. 


She is the author of -

• “The GMO Warfare: Defend Food Security of China in the 21 Century. 2011-2, published by IPR Publishing House, Beijing;

• The Modern Global System and the Dilemma in China’s Agriculture, in Rural Economy and Society, by RDI, CASS, Nov. 2010.

• “Matching of Econometric Models with Data and the Cobb-Douglass Production Function” in Rural Economic Review Jan. 2007

• China’s Social Security System, Chap. 5 in “China’s Society and Sustainable Development, by China’s Science Academy Press, Feb. 2007

• A Tentative Analysis on the “Value Chain” and “Economic Rent” in Economic

Globalization (June 2008), in Journal of Yunnan University of Finance and Economics

• On “Global Value Chain, Economic Rent and Comparative Advantage”, forthcoming in Economic Perspectives, by the Economic Institute under Chinese Academy of Social

• [Translated into Chinese] The Gods of Money: Wall Street and the Death of the American Century, by William Engdahl, published by IPR Publishing House, 2009-8.


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