Lady Fiona Elworthy

Fiona ElworthyFiona, Lady Elworthy lives at Cleveland Farm part of Craigmore, South Canterbury. Craigmore garden, over two acres, is managed organically. Lady Fiona is passionate about the environment and the community. She is patron of both the New Zealand Sustainability Council, Soil and Health and Italy Star, a war veterans' association.

Her husband, Sir Peter was the Chairperson and Lady Fiona a trustee of the Biological Husbandry Unit at Lincoln University.

She is actively involved in local issues, and also shared with her husband the guardianship of Ancient Waitaha Rock Drawings in Caves among the Limestone Cliffs and Ti Kouka trees on Craigmore.

An interests in the arts, ignited by an early Rudolf Steiner education, and a year at a Finishing School in Europe, lead to the establishment of the Aoraki Arts festival which was held every two years at Craigmore.

Important mentors in Fiona's life include Vandana Shiva from India, Erihapeti Murchie, long time member of the Soil and Health Association, and Prince Charles with his wonderful organic endeavours in England.

She is a lay preacher and sponsors many local causes, including the Maori Rock Art on Craigmore.


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