Professor Gilles-Eric Seralini


Professor Gilles-Eric Séralini i

Professor of Molecular Biology at the University of Caen, president of the scientific council of CRIIGEN. He published the longest and most detailed study on a GMO with its related pesticide, RoundUp,  on mammalian health, among numerous studies.

Professor Séralini initially researched new molecules for the prevention and treatment of breast cancer. In his work at the interface of cancer and endocrinology, he became interested in the causes of cancer, reproductive problems, and endocrine disruption. This interest led him to further research pesticides, including those associated with genetically modified organisms (GMO'S), and Roundup, the major pesticide in the world. 

Professor Seralini has worked in the field of genetics and extensively researched the causes of related health problems. He has gained respect for the courage to publish his highly controversial laboratory research on animals fed GE foods and associated pesticides.  You can hear first hand about his research and warnings to regulators on the inherent dangers of dismissing the evidence.

He was appointed a member of two governmental commissions on genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in from 1998 to 2007: the Biomolecular Engineering Commission and the Biovigilance Committee assessing GMOs after they have been commercialised.  As a member of the Borloo-Lepage Commission, he reassessed a range of biotechnologies for the European Union.

He has written over 100 scientific articles and conference papers for International specialist symposiums, and presented a number of public lectures in relation to food safety. He was one of many scientists demanding more research before GMOs could be commercialised in Europe.

Professor Seralini most recent publications-

  • GMOs that change the world, Flammarion, 2003. New editions revised and expanded in 2004 and 2010.
  • After us the deluge?, Flammarion, 2006, (ISBN 978-2082105491)
  • We can pollute us, Paperback, 2009, (ISBN 978-2843191886)
  • Incorrect genetically Flammarion, 2011, (ISBN 978-2082100946)
  • All guinea pigs!, Flammarion, 2012, (ISBN 978-2081262362)


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