Dr. Jessica Hutchings

ImageDr. Jessica Hutchings, is from the tribe of Ngai Tahu and isalso of Gujarati, Indian descent. Dr Hutchings is an academic, kaupapa Māori researcher and a Hua Parakore grower. She is the Manager of Te Wāhanga, the kaupapa Māori research unit at the New Zealand Council for Educational Research where an aspect of her work focuses on indigenous food knowledge across learning environments.

Some of her recent research has contributed to international studies on women’s empowerment and organic agriculture as well as debates around new technologies and indigenous food security.

Dr. Hutchings is actively involved with Te Waka Kai Ora (the National Maori Organics Authority) as a grower; a lead researcher on a three-year research project to develop a tikanga based indigenous verification and validation system for food and agriculture – called Hua Parakore. Working with diverse Māori communities on local and indigenous food security initiatives in Aotearoa she is well known for bringing kaupapa Māori to the conversation around food security and food sovereignty. Jessica lives and grows food on 16 ha of Hua Parakore verified and certified organic land east of Wellington.


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